Do I have classes on campus in Session 2?

Most on-campus classes have moved online as a result of the current Public Health order.  These classes will not return to campus until the Public Health order ends. 

You will receive a communication from the Vice-Chancellor when a date is set for the campus to return to general teaching.  Your unit convenor will also provide you with more detail in preparation for that return.

Some classes/teaching activities cannot be moved online and must be taught on campus.

You should already know if you are enrolled in one of these classes/teaching activities.  If you want to confirm see the list of units with mandatory on-campus classes/teaching activities.

Your Unit Convenor will provide more information via an iLearn announcement when your mandatory learning activities will return to campus and the precautions that
will be taken to ensure a COVID-Safe environment.

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Do not come to campus if you are feeling unwell.

If you have been tested for COVID-19 and do not know the result, you MUST NOT come to campus. You need to self isolate and follow the advice from

NSW Health here

Keep up to date with the latest information regarding COVID-19 via the following links:
Macquarie University and COVID-19
COVID-19 Information for students
NSW Health COVID-19 FAQ's

Stay at home if unwell or awaiting COVID-19 test results, 1.5m physical distancing, practice good hand hygiene, COVIDSafe App